Our Wood


The wood at the heart of Hanby Estates Ltd is known as Haugham & Burwell wood or as Harrison Woodlands, (named after Mr Harrison who purchased the wood in 1990). The woodland is around 200 hectares in size (around 480 acres) and is an ancient woodland site. This means that the site has had trees on it for more than 400 years.


h&b understory


The woodland is a mixture of many different tree species such as; Ash, Oak, Beech, Sycamore, Sweet chestnut, Hazel, Norway Spruce, Grand Fir, Giant redwood, Douglas Fir, Larch, Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock.

The wood is a haven for wildlife and is one of the largest single blocks of woodland within the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Managing woodlands is a challenge and no more so than at the current time with various pests and diseases to contend with. In recent years we have had to deal with an outbreak of Spruce Bark Beetle on our Norway Spruce and this was controlled by collaboration with the Forestry Commission and the release of an insect predator of the beetle. But of greater concern was the arrival of Ash Dieback in the country. This disease will have a serious impact on the woodland over several years and we must now consider what other tree species to plant to replace Ash trees. So the future may see a woodland with Eucalyptus trees and Chinese Mahogany alongside native trees such as Hornbeam or Alder. Our aim on the Estate is to retain the character of the woodland, maintain a supply of in-house timber for firewood or sawmilling, maintain the current level of local employment and provide a home for wildlife.

haughaw wood in the snow

Another focus of  the Estate will be to start to break up the age structure of the woodland, clearing some areas of trees and then re-planting, this will help us to create a woodland that is more resilient to predicted climate changes and will be able to produce a sustainable harvest of timber on a yearly basis. So if you purchase your firewood from us we are committed to ensuring we will never run out.