Sawn Timber


On the estate we have our own sawmill, so not only can we source and cut our own material for our buildings and fences but we can also cut boards and beams by special order to meet customers own requirements.

The benefits of having our own woodland from which to source wood for milling, is that we can ensure a quality product. We know the timber we are cutting is from sustainably managed woodland and there are next to no green miles involved in the process, as our sawmill is located within the woodland.


We do not carry any stocks of sawn timber on the estate, so all material is felled and milled to order. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


Chips from waste wood left over from the sawmilling process are sometimes available and are suitable for equestrian and landscaping use.



Douglas Fir


We have various tree species growing within our woodland of both hardwood and softwood. Trees such as this magnificent Douglas Fir (above) can be used to produce beams cut from the trees heartwood (for maximum durability and stability) of up to around 7.5 metres in length. All our timber is sold as green timber and we do not sell seasoned milled timber.


Sawn timber